Outlook can’t send mail – Some Problems and Solutions

Sometimes after configuring your Gmail account with Outlook, you’ll not be able to send mail. If you follow the exact guidelines provided by Gmail, then problems like “outlook cannot send mail” etc will not crop up.

I’ll show below some of the scenarios you could go wrong.

First of all you can configure Outlook to send and receive mail using Gmail account following the instructions in the post.

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1. First chance of “outlook cannot send mail” type error can crop up if have not given your complete E-mail address. Eg: The correct way is to give abc@gmail.com or abc@hotmail.com or abc@yahoo.com. But some people just type their username.

2. Second chance of “outlook will not send mail” type error can crop up if you’ve not enabled IMAP or POP in your Gmail Settings page. Also, if you give the Incoming mail server or Outgoing mail server addresses wrong, then also you’ve chance of getting such errors. Eg: imap.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com are the correct entries for Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server. But if you mistype or give the wrong server address, this also can lead to “outlook won’t send mail”.

3. Also in the Logon information, in the Username field, you’ve to type the full e-mai address. For eg: abc@gmail.com. But some people miss the @gmail.com or @hotmail.com or the @symbol altogether.

server port numbers outlook thumb Outlook cant send mail   Some Problems and Solutions

In the above settings for configuring Gmail account with Outlook, you may give the wrong port numbers. Also, first you have to select the required encrypted connection first and then give the port number.

Outgoing server options outlook 2010 thumb1 Outlook cant send mail   Some Problems and Solutions

Sometimes on the Outgoing Server tab, you may forget to check the “My Outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication” option and “use same settings as my incoming mail server”. Though you can configure this according to your liking, you may have totally missed the options.

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