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Everybody knows the importance of Page Rank in Google search results. Out of the 200+ signals used to rank websites and blogs in Google search results, Page Rank (PR) is one of the significant signals, though website page ranking of search results in Google is not solely based on Page Rank. Though there are many page rank tools to find out Google Page Rank for a web page (PR is given on a page basis) and websites and blogs, it becomes laborious to find out the rank of each page using such tools.

It’d be really great if the Page Rank is shown besides search results in Google, for every web page. I’d like to introduce to you a Firefox Addon called LinkExtend, which is a multi page rank checker which serves the purpose exactly and solves the above tough problem very easily showing Page Rank of each webpage beside search results in Google.

Main Features of LinkExtend Firefox extension

Safety – Informs you if a web page is malicious, sends spam, contains spyware, identity theft, etc.
KidSafe – Alerts you about unsafe sites for kids and erases them automatically from your history
Ethics – Rates a company’s ethical behavior including social responsibility, environmental impact, etc.
PageRank – Represents how important a webpage is, according to Google link analysis algorithm
SiteTraffic – Shows you how popular a site is, based on its page views and visits
Visited – Tells you when you last visited a site, what pages you accessed, and more
SiteTools – Page age, site reviews, contact details, previous versions, etc.
Links – Access the links and titles in a web page without having to open the page itself
Files – Shows all files on a web page organized by categories (videos, music, images, programs, etc.)
SimilarStumble – Instant access to sites related to the one you are browsing
SuperSearch! – Over 200 top search engines offer Answers, Books, Health, Jobs, Media, News, etc.
Hide Search Results – Lets you hide search results harmful to your PC, unethical or unsafe for kids

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You need to install the LinkExtend Firefox addon and make some changes to the options to show only page rank in search results of google. As per the above feature, LinkExtend provides you with many results, which may be confusing and most of them unnecessary, except when you’re doing SEO optimization of your website or blog.

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LinkExtend addon for Firefox, which is a page rank checking tool, is useful not only in showing page rank, but also site traffic rank, kid safety, search traffic etc. You can visit the below link to find out all the available options and possibilities with this addon for Firefox.

Install LinkExtend Firefox addon

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