Tab Management Chrome Extension: Page Snooze–Hide Tabs and Reappear later

With Google Chrome becoming a quick competitor to Internet Explorer and Firefox and surfers using lot of tabs while browsing the net, tab management has become a research topic. In Chrome people are easily lured to open more than 20 tabs (as Chrome makes the tab shorter and shorter when more tabs are open) and this becomes a headache after sometime, knowing which tab is significant.

Tab Management in Google Chrome in Earlier Days!

Even as in 2009, there have been several Chrome extensions for tab management. TooManyTabs and VerticalTabs [addictivetips] were some of the Chrome extensions which helped the lay user in tab management in Chrome. The former one is for users having more than 20 or 30 tabs while the later is for people having less than 20 tabs. TooManyTabs opens a large pop-up window with a complete bird-eye view of all tabs. VerticalTabs adds a icon next to the address bar and on clicking this icon, will list all the tabs.

Tab Management of Today – Page Snooze Chrome Extension

Page Snooze is a Chrome extension that helps tab management by allowing you to snooze tabs for 5 secs to 2 weeks.

Install Page Snooze – Tab Management Chrome Extension

Once the extension is installed, a Page Snooze option is added to the right-click context menu. Whenever you want to snooze a tab or make a page sleep, simply right-click and select Page Snooze option and select the time of sleep or snooze.

Page Snooze Tab Management Chrome Extension thumb Tab Management Chrome Extension: Page Snooze–Hide Tabs and Reappear later

As soon as you do this, the tab will disappear and will reappear again automatically after the specified snooze time is over. You can also view all the snoozed links from Page Snooze options.

Pros of Page Snooze

  1. While opening large number of tabs, we don’t want to bookmark all the links for viewing later but we need to hide them. Page Snooze comes handy under this way.
  2. This will reduce the clutter of tabs on your Chrome browser and you can view only the significant tabs.
  3. This comes in handy when you don’t want to add lot of links to your bookmarks or folders.
  4. Also, you’ll never forget to view these links again as they reappear after a set snooze time.

I hope this Chrome extension helps in your tab management in a better way!

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