Disable YouTube AutoPlay and Automatic Buffering in Chrome, Firefox

Lot of changes are incorporated daily into YouTube, but still to disable YouTube autoplay, you need to take the help of add-ons and extensions. Frequent users of YouTube have the tendency to open lot of YouTube video links in various tabs. This will cause all the videos to start autoplay and buffering immediately. If all these videos have audio, the complex noise from all these videos will definitely give you headache. You then manually have to go to each video tab or page and pause the video, but still the video continues to buffer. Also in the recent playlist mode, the next video plays automatically once the current one ends.

So, if you’re on a limited bandwidth like a GB plan per month, all the video links will consume lot of money without you enjoying the video. The one way to stop all this nonsense is to disable YouTube autoplay and automatic buffering. This will also stop pre-buffering.

How to Disable YouTube AutoPlay and Automatic Buffering in Chrome?

Install YouTube AutoPlay Disabled Chrome extension

disable YouTube AutoPlay in Chrome thumb Disable YouTube AutoPlay and Automatic Buffering in Chrome, FirefoxOnce the extension is installed, you’ll notice that the control buttons for the YouTube videos disappear and there is no pre-buffering. Now when you want to play the video, just click on the video page and enjoy streaming. You can open as many YouTube video links as you want and they will not autoplay or pre-buffer, unless you click anywhere on that video page. Once you start playing the video, the default control buttons will be visible and will work as normal. You can now pause and let it buffer if you like, if you’ve a slow internet connection, so that you can view it without any interruption.

How to Disable YouTube AutoPlay and Pre-Buffering in Firefox?

Install TubeStop Firefox Add-on

disable YouTube autoplay in Firefox thumb Disable YouTube AutoPlay and Automatic Buffering in Chrome, Firefox

As you see in the screenshot, this add-on also works in the same way as it worked for Google Chrome extension and will disable YouTube autoplay and pre-buffering of the video. Unless you click on the video page, the streaming will not start. Once the streaming starts, the controls become normal and you can do whatever you like.

In this way, you can disable YouTube Autoplay when you open multiple links and also save lot of bandwidth.

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