iOS, Android “Smart Folder” type creation in Windows XP/Vista/7 [Software]

There are many types of files lying un-organized in your computer like the documents, images, audio files, exe’s, pdf’s etc and many more, and all you wanted to do is put them in a “Smart Folder”. With the advent of the mobile technology, apps and gadgets are improving fast that you could organize your files into a folder very quickly. Just like in an iOS or Android where “Smart Folder” can be created quickly and easily by just dragging and dropping files over one over other.

Download Smart Folders

How can the “Smart Folder” creation software be used?

Smart Folders is a tiny piece of software for Windows. Once you download the software and run it, click “Install” for the first time to register the file extensions. To apply this app, all you need is to drag a file(s) onto another file, and the app will ask you to enter the name of the folder that you want to create. Once defined, a folder will be created in the same location and all the files will automatically get added to it.

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Things to be taken care-of “Smart Folder” creation software!

Sometimes, you need to register a file extension using this software and you can also un-register the same. The application can be easily installed and un-installed. It will un-register all the file extensions before you uninstall it. This works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit OS as well. If you just want the feeling of an Android or iOS and create a “Smart Folder” you can go ahead and try it!

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