Adjust Laptop Brightness –2 Software Tools to do it Automatically

First thing you start doing, when you buy a laptop is to adjust laptop brightness. Though it’s a laptop, it’s screen is like a LCD/LED monitor and they have control buttons for adjusting screen brightness and contrast. But these physical buttons require tough finger pressing, 2 or more times, to adjust to your desired brightness and contrast. And more than that you have little on-screen displays (OSD) and menus you need to handle to finish this business. And, you’ve to run through the whole exercise again if you ever want to adjust laptop brightness again.

Source: How to Control the ‘Real’ Brightness and Contrast of Monitors by Software

Won’t it be wonderful if you can automatically adjust laptop brightness and contrast without all these physical hassles. To the rescue come 2 software tools – F.lux and Friendeye.

Adjust Laptop Brightness using F.lux automatically!

F.lux is a free cross-platform software tool that can adjust laptop brightness with time of the day. According to the designer of the software, the laptop’s display should be bright during the day and shouldn’t be that bright in the night. So, once installed this software sits in the system tray and your display will change according to the time. Just tell the program where you live, the type of lightning you have etc and forget everything.

adjust laptop brightness using flux thumb Adjust Laptop Brightness –2 Software Tools to do it Automatically

adjust laptop brightness for day and night thumb Adjust Laptop Brightness –2 Software Tools to do it Automatically

Source : How To Adjust Your Computer’s Display With Time Of The Day Using F.lux

Adjust Laptop Brightness with a click using Friendeye

Friendeye is a portable application that lets you manually select a brightness level for your laptop screen. Just as said earlier, the morning lightning is different from the darkness in the night. So if you’ve same laptop brightness for both, you may put strain on your eyes. To increase productivity in the night, you should have optimum brightness that can filter out the strong rays and put only the amicable light. By just right clicking the application in the system tray, you can manually set the brightness level ( I prefer to be 8 – 15) as this would reduce the light level that much. If you put 100, the screen will go black. So beware! Once you left click it the effect appears on your screen.

adjust laptop brightness using friendeye thumb Adjust Laptop Brightness –2 Software Tools to do it Automatically

Friendeye and F.lux both adjust laptop brightness automatically, while the former gives you more control on controlling the brightness and how much time!

Source: Friendeye: Switch To User-Specified Screen Brightness With A Click

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