Facebook: How to reduce/hide friend activity from your ticker

The new Facebook’s ticker introduced lately in 2011, has it’s advantage and dis-advantage. It keeps notifying of all your friend’s activity (their likes, who they’ve friended, their comments etc) in your ticker list on the right hand side bar of Facebook. This could be annoying if your friend’s activity is too much when you’re browsing Facebook and can hide the important updates of all your other friends. The only way to resolve this problem is to to subscribe to “Only Important” updates from your friends or just subscribe to the updates you like.

Here’s a screenshot on how you can accomplish this:

subscribe to friends updates in facebook thumb Facebook: How to reduce/hide friend activity from your ticker

Go to your friend’s profile and under “Subscribed” you can see the different types of updates – All Updates, Most Updates, Only Important.  The first 2 will notify most of your friend’s activity in your ticker bar. If you want to have few important updates, subscribe to “Only Important” updates. The updates include – Life Events, Status Updates, Photos, Games, Comments and Likes, Music and Videos, Other Activity. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to some of these updates or all of these updates. I generally try to unsubscribe “Comments and Likes” updates and these are most annoying if your friend starts liking everything.



Once I’ve been using “Only Important” updates option for certain friends and also unsubscribing “Comments and Likes” updates, the activity list in the ticker bar from friends who’re updating often reduced a lot.

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