[Solved] How to Send/Receive MMS on iPod Touch?

I was recently scrolling through Yahoo! Answers, and somebody wanted to know the way, how to see the MMS pictures she received on her iPod Touch. Though it may be simple with iPhone and iPad, I think freely viewing MMS messages on iPod Touch is still not so familiar.  Follow the following steps to send/receive MMS on iPod Touch.

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Step 1

Press the Home button, located below the screen of your iPod Touch.

Step 2

Tap the “App Store” icon on the device’s home screen.

Step 3

Tap “Search,” and then type a search term such as “MMS,” and then tap “Search” once more. Tap the name of an MMS app from the search results, such as “iTim Text MMS Messenger,” “Messagey” or “TextNow.” Tap the word “Free” or the price listed next to the app, and then tap “Install” and type in your Apple ID. The MMS app downloads and installs on your iPod Touch.

Messagey thumb [Solved] How to Send/Receive MMS on iPod Touch?

iTim Text MMS Messenger thumb [Solved] How to Send/Receive MMS on iPod Touch?

Step 4

Tap the icon of the MMS app to launch it. Tap the option to sign up for an account to get a phone number to use with the MMS app.

Step 5

Send a text message with your iPod Touch using the MMS app to the people whom you want to send you MMS messages so they can have your new phone number, and tell them to send you an MMS message. You can also tell people the phone number you’re using with your MMS message verbally, or send the number to them via email.

Step 6

Launch the MMS app to check for new incoming MMS messages, or tap the refresh button if the MMS app is already running. A list of incoming MMS messages appears on the screen.

Step 7

Tap an MMS message from the list to see the picture.

Hope this helps.

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