Lock/Unlock USB/Flash/Pen Drive : USB Drive Control in USB Disk Security

USB/Flash drive/Pen Drive  are common portable devices used frequently by computer users, everywhere in the world i.e USA, UK, Australia, India, Canada etc. People use these devices often while transferring data from home to work computers or laptops. They can be carried in your pocket, keychain or any other mode while travelling, work or recreation. But how far is the data secure on these devices? Can you trust your colleagues, office partners, relatives, friends etc who can open the files on USB/Flash/Pen Drive! And, what about virus? If you plug-in these device from one computer/laptop to another computer/laptop, is the data safe from virus, malware, trojans etc! What about confidential data?

So to answer these problems, there are various anti-virus software which also protect your USB drives. Kaspersky, Avira etc are some of the common anti-virus programs which also protect your USB devices. But, is there any software particular to protecting USB drives?

USB Disk Security answers this problem! But this is a shareware program, which you’ve to buy after trial period. A single license costs you around $55 while there is discount on more number of licenses. But if you’re particularly looking for encrypting/decrypting data on your USB storage with a password or key file, there are many software like USB Secure, Download i-Lock, BuduLock, Cryptainer Mobile, TrueCrypt, PicoCrypt etc. But, USB Disk Security is one simple and unique software which does what it sounds.

How to Lock USB/Flash/Pen Drive?

Once you install USB Disk Security, it automatically protects and scans any USB device you connect to your computer. In Windows 7, it stays as a small icon in the Notification centre next to System tray. Click on the icon and a window will pop-up.

USB Disk Security lock usb flash pen drive thumb Lock/Unlock USB/Flash/Pen Drive : USB Drive Control in USB Disk Security

On the left side, click on Data Protection. There you’ve two options for Data Loss Prevention, which provides high level of protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data.

1. USB Access Control – Prevents unauthorized persons from copying your data from USB drives.

2. USB Drive Control – Prevents unauthorized persons from connecting USB drives to your computer, and stop any threats from USB drives.

There is a Lock button below these two options, clicking on, which will safely secure your data and device. You’ve to provide a password to use the lock option. If you don’t want unwanted or unauthorized persons from connecting USB device to your computer and injecting virus, you can use the USB Drive Control lock option. But if you want to prevent someone from copying the data in your USB storage, you can use the USB Access Control lock option.

How to Unlock USB/Flash/Pen Drive ?

I had a peculiar problem using the above two options. I used the second option to prevent unauthorized persons from connecting USB device to my computer. But this disabled the USB drive names of my external USB hard disk. I earlier had given different names to each drive, but they all vanished and I can see only “Local Disk ….”.  So I wanted to unlock the USB Drive Control of USB Disk Security. But there is no unlock!Finally after some hazzle, I was able to find a solution.

Using Unlocker (software program to delete files by force etc), I was able to delete the AUTORUN.inf folder which got created on each drive, which cannot be deleted by normal methods . This folder is hidden by default, which you can unhide using Windows Explorer —> Tools —> Folder Options. Then, I dis-connected the USB hard disk and re-connected it. Hurray, my drive names got restored.

share save 256 24 Lock/Unlock USB/Flash/Pen Drive : USB Drive Control in USB Disk Security

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  • ronit

    Good to see a Indian!!!!! Jai Hind

  • Biazen_998

    i tried to lock usb access control .there is a message “please remove all usb device.” but there is no usb device connected with. so how can lock?????

  • JUN

    had the same problem as yours – I cannot unlock the USB Access Control and USB Drive Control of the USB DIsk Security after Locking them up. I ran it in Administrators mode, still no results. I also tried to use the Unlocker you mentioned but I cannot find the Autorun file since the USB drive can’t be found at all. How did you do it Sir?

    • http://techlikes.com Admin

      The Autorun.inf folder gets created when you lock your drive using USB Access Control or USB Drive Control. This Autorun.inf folder is hidden, so you’ve to change the folder view settings in Windows Explorer such that you can see hidden files. Then you can see Autorun.inf folder. Then follow the rest of the process in the article. But if somehow, if you can’t see the Autorun.inf folder, then I too don’t know what else to do?

      • Jun

        Thanks for your reply Sir. Its five days now but I can’t still figure out how to unlock the USB access control. I tried everything from modifying the registry and group policies. the USB drives can be detected, by the way, it can also be viewed from command prompt, but it doesn’t display on My Computer. Incidentally, the Autorun.inf folder also doesn’t exist in the USB drive so I cant use the Unlocker you mentioned. So currently I’m stuck in this mode. I hope there’s someone out there who encountered similar problem and found a solution.

        • Tartjemz

           I’m in the same problem but luckily.,.,. I figured out how to unlock.,.,

          1. unlock first the ” USB DRIVE CONTROL ” a pop up will appear enter your code,the one you use to lock the usb drive control and usb access control.

          2. then u can unlock now the ” USB ACCESS CONTROL ”
          .,.same as usb drive control a pop up will appear asking your code,enter your code..,

          3. RESTART your computer..

          hope this help.,. :)