[Solved] iTunes Error 7 : AVFoundationCF.dll couldn’t be found

Recently I installed the latest version of iTunes i.e iTunes 10.5. First, it seemed to run normally just like before, without any problems. After that, I installed “QuickTime Alternative” to run my QuickTime files.

Brief Introduction of QuickTime Alternative.

QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime (.mov .qt) files. This way there is no need to install the official QuickTime Player. QuickTime Alternative also supports QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

Here are some key features of “QuickTime Alternative”:
· Media Player Classic
· QuickTime Codecs
· QuickTime DirectShow filter
· QuickTime plugin for Internet Explorer
· QuickTime plugin for Opera/Mozilla/Netscape
· QuickTime Control Panel
· Extra plugins for QuickTime


After installing “QuickTime Alternative” I started getting weird problems when I started iTunes.  The error looked something like this.

“iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes.
Error 7 (Windows error 126)”
Futhermore I get this error-message:
“This program can’t start, because AVFoundationCF.dll couldn’t be found.”


When installing “QuickTime Alternative” you get the following screen.

Apple Application Support iTunes QuickTime thumb [Solved] iTunes Error 7 : AVFoundationCF.dll couldnt be found

As you can see in the above image, QuickTime Alternative tries to install “Apple Application Support 1.2.1” which is a lower version than the current version of 2.1.5 which was installed by iTunes 10.5. So, if you go ahead and install the downgrade or lower version, you’ll face the problem mentioned above.


When you’re installing “QuickTime Alternative” you’ll get the following screen.

Apple Application Support 1.2.1 Lite iTunes thumb [Solved] iTunes Error 7 : AVFoundationCF.dll couldnt be found

Uncheck the option “Install Apple Application Support 1.2.1 Lite” under Prerequisites. This will normally keep the 2.1.5 or higher version of Apple Application Support. So your iTunes 10.5 should be working normally.

But sometimes accidently you may install the lower version (Apple Application Support 1.2.1) over the higher version 2.1.5. Then you need to do the following.

Go To Control Panel –> Programs and Features

iTunes Error 7 AVFoundationCF.dll couldnt be found thumb [Solved] iTunes Error 7 : AVFoundationCF.dll couldnt be found

Search for Apple Application Support and right click and Repair. This will install the latest version and your iTunes will start working again.

Another solution is to install “QuickTime Alternative” first and then install iTunes 10.5.

Another solution for the same problem is like this.

This procedure might work or might not work:

  1. Download the free Ccleaner and repair your Registry (repeat until clear)http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard
  2. Uninstall iTunes according to Apple’s directions here         http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925
  3. Use Ccleaner and repair your Registry again just in case.
  4. Then download/install iTunes again from the Apple website http://www.apple.com/itunes/
  5. Your iTunes content will not be removed.

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    Thank you, Thank you, thank you!! I have been messing with this for over an hour.

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    Awesome, thanks so much.

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    Many thanks.

  • Craig

    I had this problem, I was configuring windows yesterday and I remember removing quicktime from my startup. That was probably the cause.

  • Rickroepke

    Search for AVFoundationCF.dll on disk (may be in c:program filescommon filesapple) and make sure permissions allow it to run.  I had to take ownership and grant users read access.