Apple iPhone 4S 2011 Features : Smartphone with a difference

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There has been a buzz about the iPhone 4S features and it’s performance, shadowing down the demise of one of the Apple founders, Steve Jobs. Though the look of the new iPhone 4S is similar to it’s predecessor iPhone 4, there have been remarkable improvements in Performance, services and “voice-recognition” capabilities. The new iPhone 4S comes with the beta version of “Siri” (named after the company bought over by Apple in 2010) which is NOT only an excellent “voice-recognition” software, but also finds the right answer to your questions. You can dictate messages, reminders etc, while driving the car and “Siri” will find you the right answers, like an obedient assistant.

Dual-core A5 chip

With 2 cores A5 chip delivers more power and 7 times faster graphics. The performance effects can be seen while launching apps, browsing the web, gaming etc and the iPhone 4S has outstanding battery life.

8-Megapixels camera

There is a drastic increase in resolution, with 60% more pixels than the camera on iPhone 4.  The taken pictures are stunning and look good on your iPhone, computer or HDTV.  You can take prints as large as 8×10. The larger f/2.4 aperture allows more light and the pictures look brighter and better. The moods in light ( like moonlight, candlelight, bright light etc) are captured in a realistic fashion.

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