HTC, LG and Samsung to Release Windows Mango Handsets in September

Despite being infinitely better than their previous operating system, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 hasn’t succeeded in setting the world alight since its launch in late 2010.

Failing to match the high standard set by iOS and Android, sales of handsets running on the Windows Phone 7 operating system have been disappointing to say the least. However, the upcoming Mango update to the OS aims to address all the issues that have prevented the masses from adopting Windows Phone 7. The major mobile phone manufacturers are certainly getting behind the update, with HTC, LG and Samsung planning to release Mango handsets in September.

A spokesperson from tech website BGR said, “We’re expecting at least two of HTC’s new phones to be the Ignite and the Prime. Suppliers also indicated that Nokia will launch its first Windows Phone Mango devices during its annual Nokia World conference in October.”

Despite this, the Windows Phone 7 handset that tech aficionados are most looking forward to is Samsung’s device, with representatives hoping that it will match the success of the phone it is modelled on, the Galaxy S II. The HTC, LG and Samsung handsets will be joined on the market by devices from Acer, Fujitsu-Toshiba and ZTE, but there has been no confirmation as to whether these devices will see a UK launch.

Microsoft has now confirmed that the Mango update has been officially signed-off, and that it has been sent over to vendors. The update is reported to have over 500 new features, including multitasking, Twitter integration, Internet Explorer 9 and improved contacts and messaging. It does, however, remain a concern that the Mango update could be overshadowed by Apple’s iOS 5, released around the same time. But, if all goes to plan, Mango could mean a new beginning for Windows Phone 7.

How will these handsets fare when they go head-to-head? If you compare phones at you’ll get all the info you need.

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