Samsung’s New Galaxy S 3.6 – Android: Fun without the Contract

There is nothing quite like the feeling of seamlessly flipping through exciting Android samsung galaxy s 3.6 thumb Samsungs New Galaxy S 3.6 – Android: Fun without the Contractapps, playing a new music playlist, checking in on email, and then streaming a new movie all on a single device. The only problem arises when that expensive wireless bill comes at the end of the month. Samsung has decided to skip the contracts and provide a fully-functional Android device without the calling plan. Their Galaxy S 3.6 utilizes a WiFi or cable internet connection to provide all the benefits of an Android smartphone, without the phone.

Full Access

Samsung may not be the first to bring this style of device to the market, but they have managed to fit every feature that any owner would want. Much like the Apple iPod Touch or a tablet, this piece of technology is all about the apps. With full access to the Android app market through a cable internet connection, the Galaxy S 3.6 can download any program imaginable from Angry Birds to Microsoft Office.


The base model includes just over 8 GB of storage that can be upgraded all the way to 32 GB of memory with a micro SD card. The 3.65-inch screen is the perfect size to flip through a business presentation one moment and then watch a live newscast the next. Backing this incredible piece of technology is the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and a 1 Ghz OMAP processor.

For those that are looking for a multitasking device, the Galaxy S 3.6 is the way to go. Long road trips or flights around the world will go by quicker than ever with access to hundreds of thousands books on the Kindle app. Books, magazines, and newspapers can be downloaded and then accessed at anytime without a WiFi connection.

Calls Over Cable Internet and Wifi

Another valuable set of tools for owners are Google Talk, Skype, and other internet phone apps. Instead of opting for a Samsung smartphone with identical features, those with the Galaxy S 3.6 can have access to free text messaging, free local calls, and affordable international calls through any of these popular apps and an internet connection. The front-facing VGA camera also allows for face time chats to family and friends around the world at a single tap of the screen.

When it comes to smartphones, it may be time to do away with expensive wireless contracts and get to the features that customers want. The new Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 has become the final word in mobile gaming, work applications, and connectivity without the staggering costs.

Blake Sanders is a writer of cable internet news and information at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert. He also specializes in internet providers, cell phones, and other technical news.

Note: Photo courtesy of warrenski via FlickR Creative Commons.

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