RSS Reader for iPad : Perfect RSS Reader is Awesome, Syncs with Google Reader

Coming to RSS reader, we’ve early seen better option than RSS feed, to monitor single web pages. As everybody knows Google Reader is the king in RSS feed readers, which helps in subscribing and keeping track of RSS feeds. With the advent of tablet notebooks and PCs like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Windows 7 etc, there is a huge downpour of apps for each category of applications. Just in the case of iPad, there are in-numerable RSS feed reader apps, which not only help you subscribe to RSS feeds but also sync with Google Reader.

Perfect RSS Reader is not only an another RSS feed reader app, but also makes an impressive debut into this category. The app not only offers all the intuitive features of Google Reader, but also comes at a low cost of just $1.99, which is available in the iTunes App Store.

Perfect RSS Reader 

There is a free version of this app, which allows you try it before buying it, but excludes the multi-touch gesture support that’s available in the Premium or Paid version.

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The RSS reader for iPad, Perfect RSS Reader, is full of exciting features. You can do the usual tasks of synchronising your lists of subscriptions and read/unread statuses of articles in Google Reader. It also permits you to star or like articles; add notes to them; share them on Google Reader or via email, , Tumblr or Twitter; add them to Delicious, Evernote, Instapaper, ReadItLater.

The RSS icon on the upper left corner of the Perfect RSS Reader, RSS reader for iPad, brings up a pop-up, which is divided into 3 tabs. The first tab is about managing your subscriptions i.e changing the order of the RSS feeds you subscribed and deleting the ones, you no longer require.

The second tab shows the list of Google Reader recommended subscriptions and your subscribed items, starred, shared and liked items, as well as all your notes.

The third tab shows you the people you follow and are followed by.

A + button on the popover lets you subscribe to any new feed using it’s URL. But one of the drawbacks is, that it doesn’t automatically grab the URL from the website’s URL just like in FeedDemon, Google Reader etc. A search bar allows you to search the titles of all your subscribed items.

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  • Anonymous

    I have to say that I tested this one and as a person that uses RSS pretty often for now there just isn’t any better, well suited to my needs that FEEDDLER. Packed with the right features and services I only miss the little image thumbnails preview like in MobileRSS.