Pleeq – Cloud or Web Service to Bookmark Images or Photos and Share them

Browing the net is a common affair. While you browse the net, you encounter several web pages, out of which, you may find something important which you bookmark. So general users bookmark URLs, web pages and/or websites. But if you encounter a good image, the only way to remember is, by saving the image or picture to your . But if this results in lot of images, they get lost in the clutter of files on your hard-disk. The other alternative to bookmark images or photos is to share them on , only to loose them deep within the news feed, after a while.

Pleeq, is a cloud or web service that lets your bookmark images or photos on any webpage. The service does not store or save any image anywhere, but only stores the link to the image or photo. The service has a bookmarklet feature for any browser.

pleeq bookmark images photos thumb Pleeq   Cloud or Web Service to Bookmark Images or Photos and Share them

You need to register for a free account to use this service. Drag and drop the bookmarklet to the bar in your browser and name it to your liking. Click the bookmarklet whenever you want to bookmark an image or photo or picture. When clicked, all images or pictures or photos on a webpage are highlighted with a yellow border. Click on any image to bookmark it.

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Clicking an image/picture/photo will open it in the cloud or web service Pleeq, where you can add tags. To bookmark an image you need to click Pleeq this image. To Pleeq an image, not only means bookmarking an image, but the image will also be shared and visible to fellow pleeqers or everyone using the cloud service of Pleeq. One thing you need to be aware is that, the web service doesn’t have privacy settings, so the pleeqed image will be visible to everyone using this service. So please be careful while bookmarking or pleeqing any images. The web service doesn’t save the image as I said earlier and links to the original source of the web page. So, you need not worry about storage capacity and safely bookmark as many web images as you like.

unPleeq tweet like cloud service or web service thumb Pleeq   Cloud or Web Service to Bookmark Images or Photos and Share them

If at some stage, you want to remove any images or rather the bookmarks to the images, you can just click the image in your Pleeq account (which is nothing but a preview of the original image) and “Unpleeq it”. You can also share these bookmarked images using the “Tweet” or “Like” buttons below the preview. You can search through your images using the tags that are shown under “Your Trends for your account.

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But one of the drawbacks of this web service or cloud service is that it doesn’t really have a search bar. Search is really one feature which needs further development.

share save 256 24 Pleeq   Cloud or Web Service to Bookmark Images or Photos and Share them

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