Monitor Web Page for Changes using NotiPage – Better than RSS Feed

If you’ve ever monitored a website for updated or new content using RSS feed readers like FeedDemon, Google Reader, NewsGator, FeedReader etc, it must have been very pleasurable to see all your favourite sites updates gathered simply at one place. Though, RSS feed readers are helpful looking at new content, still they’re not without their flip sides.

Relative Dis-advantages of RSS Feed

  1. What if a site doesn’t have an RSS feed?
  2. How to monitor single web pages?
  3. How to monitor a single web page for a particular keyword or update?
  4. What about the cluttering of RSS feeds in your Feed Reader?
  5. Can you create alerts for a particular page?

So, keeping in mind of all the above relative dis-advantages of RSS feed, NotiPage has come up with a better solution.

How to Monitor Web Page for Changes ?

This simple software offers solutions to all the relative dis-advantages of RSS feed. You can monitor sites which are without RSS feed, instead of manually checking for new content, monitor single web pages, monitor a web page for a finical update, create alerts for a particular page. Also, you can monitor web pages for changes or new content related to a particular topic by entering keywords.

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Download NotiPage

Download the single piece of software and create your first alert. Though, NotiPage solves most of the problems unsolved by RSS feed readers, it still cannot monitor or access web pages that are secured or accessible only through login. Also, public forums and threads can be easily monitored, but your Profile cannot be.

Alert creation is easy. Go-to Alerts and select New Alert. No 2 alerts can have the same name, but the same webpage can have different alerts. You can monitor the web page for updates or for a particular word or word(s). Also, specific interval time limit can be given to check how often a webpage should be checked for changes.

Once this procedure is completed, the application notifies you of your alert whenever it detects change and loads the page.

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By default, the application opens the web page in Internet Explorer. Though NotiPage can open pages, it should not be confused with a browser.

In order to edit or delete an alert, select it from the list in the main window and right-click and choose the appropriate action.

Download NotiPage

Works in Windows XP/Vista/7.

wlEmoticon smile1 Monitor Web Page for Changes using NotiPage   Better than RSS Feed Thanks! Enjoy.

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  • NotiPage


    We are pleased to inform you that a major update of NotiPage has just been released (version 1.20), with a lot of new features :
    - Better support for websites needing an authentication.
    - Addition of the highlighting of new text in “Page Update Monitoring” Mode.
    - Addition of the “Continuous Monitoring” Option (to avoid interruption of the monitoring when a detection is triggered).
    - Addition of the “In Updated Text Only” Option (allow to be alerted only if the searched words appear in the page update).
    - Addition of buttons on the main window to execute actions from “Alerts” Menu.
    - Addition of the possibility to clear the web pages locally stored by the application.

    And all of these features remain totally free !

    Please, don’t hesitate to send us comments or suggestions on

    Best regards.

    NotiPage Team.

    PS : A description of the alert settings has been added to the website at