How to Search for Someone on the Internet :

You are searching for an old school friend and want to know the options that you have on the internet. Your first attempt with Google has not been successful.

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In addition to the general search engines like Google, there are other special person search engines like 123people or Yasni. For research go to the website Then enter the complete name in the search field, change the country if required and click “Find”.

The service works with a real-time query of various sources, thanks to which, the search does not take more than a blink. You will then get several columns full of results which are thematically grouped as per telephone directories, addresses, domains and web links as well as other information like photos, blogs, documents and social network.

You can always call up more results in each of the columns. Every entry will be preceded with an icon for the source of the information so that you can switch to the relevant website quickly. However do not rely blindly on the results. There is no clear attribution. There are often cases of many persons with the same name due to which it is unclear which blog or which photo belongs to which person. Sometimes random photos from an Internet site are displayed along with the name. But if you’re searching for an old school friend, you will obviously know which result is applicable.

Note: Try a search request with your own name once. This will help you know what others can find about you on the net or want to know about you. Moreover, you can review the obtained results better. If you want to delete any unwanted personal data, you will need to go to the original website since 123people only carries out searches and does not archive any data.

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