Highest Paying Keywords for Adsense

Anybody who has an Adsense account, will be looking for highest paying keywords for adsense in order to increase their revenue by writing articles in that niche.

highest paying keywords for adsense thumb Highest Paying Keywords for Adsense

It’s a well-known fact that advertisers are willing to spend enormous amounts of money on Google Adwords to reach out to potential customers. The CPC rates that are bid by these advertisers or the amount of money that an advertiser is willing to pay Google if a search netizen clicks on an ad once, can be as awesome as $55 in certain categories.

Google Highest Paying Keywords

WordStream, an online marketing consultancy firm, analyzed the most expensive keyword categories for online advertising and listed out the top 20 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords Advertising industry. The website says that out of the total revenue for Google in Q3 2010 – Q2 2011 ($33.3 billion), 97% of Google’s revenue is from advertising i.e $32.2 billion in total advertising revenue. The top 4 categories were occupied by Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney with Top CPC ranging from $54.91 to $47.07 respectively. The other top 10 categories of Google highest paying keywords included Credit, Lawyer, Donate, Degree, Hosting and Claim. Software stood at 13th place with it’s top CPC being $35.29

In the software domain, the highest paying keywords for adsense are around web hosting, conference call services, CRM/ help-desk software and data recovery software.

The CPC rates are so high for such niches because for 2 reasons – there’s plenty of competition among advertisers in these categories so they have to bid higher than then next advertiser to stay on the first page of google or on top of Google ads list. The second thing is the return after winning a customer is highly valuable.

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