Check for Bad Sectors with Ariolic Disk Scanner

If you’ve problems like blue screen (BSOD), slow computer, file corruptions, and other random errors on your computer, you need to check for bad sectors. The  hard disk may have developed such errors un-intentionally. A bad sector is a sector on a disk drive or flash memory that cannot be used due to permanent physical damage to the disk surface. The cause for bad sectors can be improper handling, abrupt power loss to the hard disk while in use, or if the disk is failing.

How to Check for Bad Sectors?

Ariolic Disk Scanner is a simple, free and portable app that lets you check for bad sectors on your hard drive for read errors. Ariolic Disk Scanner does this by doing a read-only test. It sequentially read the hard drive sectors and graphically shows the results as a series of colour blocks.

check for bad sectors ariolic disk scanner thumb Check for Bad Sectors  with Ariolic Disk Scanner

Color Indication to check for bad sectors!

Every block in the picture comprises of a set of hard drive sectors. Green color represents check for bad sectors, that all the sectors in the hard disk are read without errors. Blocks marked with red color indicate read errors on those sectors, saying that check for bad sectors is bad.

The safety of Ariolic Disc Scanner is high, as it works only in read only mode and does not write to your hard disk. Also, it’s portable – making it simple to install. Run the executable, even from flash drives or a CD.

Pros and Cons of Ariolic Disc Scanner!

While the number of hard disk checking utilities are not less, but this software is better than others for it’s simplicity. Most hard disk scanners scan entire drives. Ariolic Disk Scanner  lets you choose partitions. This let’s you manage the scan in bits, as the disk scan can take hours to complete. But on the con side, you can set the scanner to scan all partitions and go to bed. You’ve to scan each partition individually.

Download Ariolic Disk Scanner

Also, Ariolic Disk Scanner can check for read errors on flash drives, USB hard drives, and even optical disk like CD/DVD.



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