Software Update Checker : Keep Up-To-Date with GlarySoft

Once your is loaded with various kinds of software, it becomes important to use an software update checker which checks for new updated versions of software and automatically updates them. There are mainly 3 kinds of problems software users face once they load their desktop or laptop with virtually innumerable number of software.

Why Software Update Checker is required?

  • Some apps of software have update check disabled by default.
  • Some do not have this option integrated into their software.
  • But even if all your applications have built-in option, it’s still tardy task to open each app or software and update them.

Due to all the above reasons, it becomes imperative to have software update checker which automatically checks your software and upgrades them.

Software Update by Glarysoft assists you to keep track of updates of all software installed on your computer. One advantage with this application is it lets you check and download updates for installed apps rather than having to deal with several updates from multiple applications. Another option is to schedule a time to check and receive updates.

How Software Update Checker software : Software Update works?

When an update is available for an application or software, you’re provided with information of that update and software and a download link from the Glarysoft software library, where all the latest software update information are submitted and stored.

Once the app is launched, it rapidly starts scanning your pc for current installed apps and displays  respective application updates. Click the link above Refresh button to download updates of all software programs.

software update checker app Software Update thumb Software Update Checker : Keep Up To Date with GlarySoft

Once you click the link, you’ll be re-directed to a page on GlarySoft website (via your default browser). You’ll be provided with updated version, ratings, and download link for the software. Click the download link button or app name to get desired updates. This provides an alternative way, that the software updates are not automatically installed and allows you to keep older version of the software, if required.

Updated software thumb Software Update Checker : Keep Up To Date with GlarySoft

You also have the Settings option from the main menu to automatically start Software Updates at Windows logon, set a time for checking updates (eg. for every 12 hours, every day, 4 days, week, month etc) and check for updates automatically. Also, if you’ve a Glarysoft account, you can do lot of things and can join it’s community if there is one. You can rate apps, ask questions and provide answers. By default you’re logged in as a guest with limited privileges.

software update Options Software  thumb Software Update Checker : Keep Up To Date with GlarySoft

Remarks about Software Update!

One of the cons of this software is that it’s still in early development stages and for this reason some software update links may not work. This is because the GlarySoft library may not have been updated yet for that particular software. Software Update works on XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Download Software Update

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