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If you’re a great fan of daily newspaper comics, how great it would be if they’re all collected from various online sources and displayed in a single app. Well, ComicDaily is a Java-based application which does the same work by collecting daily newspaper comics from various online sources. It also has a built-in calendar which allows users to view selected comics (eg. Peanuts) from previous dates. The advantage of this app being, since it’s a java based application it can work on different platform like Windows, Mac and Linux.

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ComicDaily centres around being a comics reader which provides famous comics published in daily newspapers. It serves as a unique and fun application for newspaper comic strip fans, which many comic readers have ignored such comic strips in the past.

When you download ComicsDaily it’ll be a simple JNLP file, which you can save to the disk or runs with Java Web Start app automatically.

How does the Daily Newspaper Comics app, Comics Daily work?

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Select a comic name from the drop down list and click the Load(Refresh) button to view the daily comic. Presently, the comics supported by ComicsDaily are UserFriendly, FreeFall, Hagar the Horrible, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobes, Peanuts, Natural Selection, Beetle Bailey, The Better Half, Newslettercartoons, The Joy of Tech and Nictlustig.

To view a comic edition from a previous date, select the comic name and click the calendar icon and then select the date.

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Remarks about ComicDaily

Though ComicDaily brings about a vast number of comics to your desktop it’s still in alpha stage and therefore you might face some bugs. I personally downloaded the app on Windows 7, and found that the selected comic took enormous time to load. Actually, the comic didn’t load for me even after 10 min, even though I’ve a 2Mbps connection. Also, since it’s a Java based app, it’s a bit resource intensive and has a memory stamp of approx. 83MB.  Also users may find the comic list to be limited and hope the developer will add some more comics in the future. ComicDaily is said to run on Windows Vista, 7, XP,Mac and Linux based OS. Java Runtime is a pre-requisite.

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