iPad Alternatives : Which is the best ? Pros and Cons

The Apple iPad dominates the market with it’s more than 80% market share of tablet market. It’s life is almost 2 years and the iPad 2 is out, but still no tablet could touch the iPad. RIM, with its Blackberry Playbook, and Google alongwith it’s hardware partners like Samsung, Motorola, LG etc are offering rich alternatives to iPad.

If we check the pros and cons of different iPad alternatives, Android-based-7-inch Samsung Galaxy tab seems to have scored the upper mark. This new affordable 7″ tablet is available through T-Mobile and pretty much every other major wireless carrier. It’s more portable than iPad and offers easy way to Android apps, on the go. The only problem with this is, it’s released with Android 2.2, which isn’t specifically designed for tablets and OS upgrades are not coming.

Price: $500 list.

samsung galaxy tab thumb iPad Alternatives : Which is the best ? Pros and Cons

The next best iPad alternative is the Motorola Xoom. It’s the first tablet to use Android 3.0 (HoneyComb), which was specifically designed for tablets. The best pro about this tab, is that it’s more closer to Google’s vision of tablet experience. But the con, is that the interface is highly complicated at times and Honeycomb-optimized apps are not coming out at regular intervals.

Price : $600 (32GB) list

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The T-Mobile Slate by LG can capture play back 3D video. It’s the first 4G tablet. It has powerful Tegra 2 processor with excelllent HD screen, with HD output capability. It also shoots and plays 3D footage (glasses included). It has dual-facing cameras and video chat is possible.

Price : $530 (32GB) list

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook has an excellent user interface. It has sharp, beautiful screen and top-notch browser with full Flash-video support. Wirelessly transfers files to and from computers on same network. But it has some hardware issues and significant software bugs.

Price: $600 (32GB) list

HTC Flyer has fast performance, clear, bright screen. Excellent pen input. But an outdated, non-tablet-specific version of Android, slow browser performance, cluttered default layout, mediocre cameras are some of the cons. The price tag is also high than the other tablet versions. But it’s a solid device for artists and those who enjoy writing by hand, as it has well-implemented pen-specific features.

Price: $800 list.

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101, can be turned into a netbook, while low-cost vendors like CherryPal, with its CherryPad and Coby, are offering bargain prices on Android tablets, with predictable results. As Honeycomb 3.0 continues to roll out, we’ll likely to see more compelling tablets. In the meantime, RIM may smooth out the rough edges on its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

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