Essential Apps for every Smartphone : Android, iPhone etc

If you already bought a smartphone, finding essential apps for your smartphone is the last piece of puzzle. The large number of apps in the market can make you confusing, but this list of essential apps for every smartphone should be more than enough to get you started. You might have already downloaded the apps such as those for Amazon, and Google Maps. These tools provide you with services from fun and games to traffic and news. This list is a comprehensive list for all types of users like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows Phone 7 user.

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Imo Chat:

If you’ve tons of friends and they all use different IM services, Imo Chat removes the hassle by allowing you to sign into the most popular instant messengers all at the same time.


If you’ve used Dropbox on your desktop PC or laptop, you already know that it syncs all files across multiple systems. But with Dropbox app for your mobile device, you can easily move files from your PC to your to and fro, without having to plug-in your handset into your computer.


If you’ve used torrents before, you know about uTorrent (torrent-client). This app connects to this file-sharing client, and let’s you see real-time progress on all your current uploads and downloads. TorrentBuddy even allows you to download a new torrent, so that your download is ready by the time you reach home.

Popular Photo Tools:

The best BlackBerry photo editor, which lets you crop and resize photos any way you want. The clean and simple interface is it’s advantage.

Weather Channel:

Weather news refreshes every time you switch between screens. Weather tips and trivia can help you handsomely, if you happen to be caught in a storm.

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If you’re busy caught in a traffic, turn to Waze for help. You can easily see where the traffic is at a standstill, and the app can re-route you to bypass the mess if possible. Maps update in real time, which makes it possible to see traffic jams in real-time. The app uses your phone’s GPS, so be sure to check your battery level.

Find My iPhone:

This is an free app from Apple for all iPhone/iPod/iPad users. This app let’s you easily track down your lost or stolen handset. Find My iPhone shows the device approximate location on a map.


This app helps the leader in Internet radio to discover new music by creating radio stations based on your favourite artists or songs, and learns your tastes from the thumbs-ups or downs that you assign to the songs it selects.

Where to find these Essential apps for Smartphones?

You can easily find these apps by searching in the app market-place for your device. You need to spend a dollar or two to buy these apps and you need to have an account in the market-place. Before you buy, read the minimum requirements for each app to confirm it runs on your smartphone. Also remember that, downloading apps counts against your monthly data-usage limit.

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