How to make a DoFollow Link, in WordPress?

If you’re a naive and common WordPress user like me, and want to make a dofollow link in WordPress, you’re at the right place. I’ve searched the net and googled for this issue, to only find stupid dofollow plugins and other un-necessary information to make a dofollow link in WordPress.

Recently, one of my clients want to guest post an article and in that he embedded a link which he wanted to have dofollow. Generally, most of the WordPress themes or other plugins make all your external links nofollow and keep your internal links dofollow. But if you want an external link to be an dofollow link especially, you’ve to make a slight adjustment.

DoFollow Link in WordPress ?

dofollow link in Wordpress thumb How to make a DoFollow Link, in WordPress?

As everybody knows, to make a link dofollow, one has to add rel =”dofollow” attribute to the <a href=” “></a> link. But what matters is, where this is added in WordPress. In have your external link as dofollow link in WordPress, place the rel=”dofollow” link at the starting of the <a href> tag. This will make your external link dofollow in WordPress.

DoFollow Link in WordPress Proof!

dofollow link in Wordpress and SEO extension thumb How to make a DoFollow Link, in WordPress?

As you can see in the above image, the SEO extension in Chrome marks a red-dotted line around all the “nofollow” links. Here, you can observe that the first link i.e Blackberry IM is not having any red-dotted line to indicate it’s a dofollow link. The second link is a nofollow link as it has a red-dotted line.

But one of the things I couldn’t rectify is, when we view the source of the page, the external link still has a “nofollow” link at the end.

dofollow link and nofollow link thumb How to make a DoFollow Link, in WordPress?

Though the SEO extension shows this as a “dofollow” link, still some clients may object to this kind of functionality!

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