3D effect on Photos/Images using Red Cyan 3D Camera

If you only have a simple webcam and camera and interested in having 3D effect on photos, say hi to Red Cyan 3D camera - 3D image capturing software. If you’re fascinated by 3D photography, but can’t afford a 3D camera or not rich enough to spend the required amount, Red Cyan 3D camera is the solution. This freeware lets you capture 3D photos/images using dual cameras. You can also use webcams. One restriction for the whole process is, both the dual cameras should be ideally identical, facing the same direction and placed less apart ( like 4 inches) from each other. The 3D effect on photos can be got, as the application allows single shots, timed capture and a sequence of shots that are separated by user-defined intervals and are carried out for an user defined amount of time.

Alternatively, you can also manually load and merge twin photos/images into 3D (for eg. two slightly distanced photos of the same scene).

3D effect on photos thumb 3D effect on Photos/Images using Red Cyan 3D Camera

Red Cyan 3D Camera has a simple interface. The app detects all the attached cameras and lists them in the drop-down menus. The Sterioscopic 3D Generator has the following options.

  • Left Camera
  • Right Camera
  • Sterioscopic 3D Preview

You’ve different capture modes like single shot, sequence with interval and duration options, Timer to wait for “x” seconds. You can also select the Image location to save.

How to have 3D effect on Photos?

Once you’re done setting up your camera specify the directory where you want to save the 3D photo/image on your hard-disk and select the desired mode of capture. Click Start 3D Processor. Click on Capture. The app takes some time to process the result.

How to manually have 3d effect on Photos ?

3D effect on photos manually thumb 3D effect on Photos/Images using Red Cyan 3D Camera

You can also manually apply the 3D effect on photos/images using the same software. The Add Manually option provides you to import 2 images (of the same resolution), 1 for the left and another for right camera. By clicking the Add button in the Add Manually dialogue box, merges both the imported images into a 3D photo/image.

Download Red Cyan 3D Camera

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