Google Plus (or) Google+ : Review of Circles!

In my last post, I’ve described about “what is Google Plus”and an YouTube video introduced you to its’ features. In today’s review, we’re going to see in detail the features of Google+ which are competing space with .

You can join Google Plus through the following link, using your Google account.

Create Your own Circles:

Imagine in your real life, where you share information with particular groups or circle of friends. You want to share personal information with friends and family, while keeping the office friends at bay. Similarly, you want to share office news with only office friends, while keeping the friends and family away. So, this border line of privacy for content among your different acquaintances, has resulted in Circles from Google Plus. All it does is organize your groups of friends or family or work colleagues into separate compartments called “Circles”.

When you login into Google Plus, you’ll see the the following 4 buttons – Home, Photos, Profile, Circles.

google plus circles thumb Google Plus (or) Google+ : Review of Circles!

Initially, you want to set up your circles. Click on the last tab, (Circles tab) and it’ll bring an interface, where all your Gmail and other suggested are listed in a panel at the top of the screen. Below is a panel, where there are different circles like Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following, etc. To add a contact to a circle, just drag from the above list or pane to the appropriate circle. There’ll be a little animation of your contact circling around in the circle graphic. Contacts can be added to multiple circles.

Google Plus Circle Drag thumb Google Plus (or) Google+ : Review of Circles!

If you want to delete any member or friend from a circle, just drag that member or friend out of the circle. A -1 will appear in animation, showing that your circle of friends have reduced by 1. Similarly you can move your contacts or friends from one circle to another. You can delete a circle, create a new circle with a new name, edit circle, view in stream, add description to circle etc.


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