Set Different Windows 7 Screen Resolution For Each User

Multiple Windows 7 users on the same computer/desktop/laptop are applied same Windows 7 Screen resolution, irrespective of configuring them for each user. Every time a user logs in to his account, the screen resolution changes to the default one, applied to the computer. The tedious task of manually changing the Windows 7 screen resolution each time to suit your need, can be saved, with a tiny piece of software called Carroll.

Carroll reduces the lengthy process of changing screen resolution followed by color bit and display monitor frequency and lets users restore the last changed previous screen resolution. The software requires administrative authorization to change the screen resolution.

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How to Set Windows 7 Screen Resolution with Carroll?

1. Simply launch the software and choose your favourite screen resolution from the list.

2. Now, click Change screen resolution and restore with every logon for current user option.

3. It will change the screen resolution and set the resolution parameters, so that they’re permanently set whenever you log on to Windows 7.

Download Carroll

The same steps can be followed by other Windows 7 users to restore their screen resolution automatically, even though it is changed from another user account. Carroll also works on Windows XP & Vista.

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