What is Office 365 Built-in Security?

In an earlier post we’ve seen the details of “What is Office 365” and the “Office 365 release” and now we’re going to see Office 365 security. This blog post is going to provide the intricacies and inner details of the Office 365 Built-in security.

What does Office 365 Security Provides?

Office 365 security provides secure access across platforms and devices, as well as premium anti-spam and antivirus technologies that are automatically updated to protect against the latest threats. The security features and services associated with Office 365 are built in, reducing the time and cost associated with securing your IT systems.

Office 365 is a multi-tenant service, meaning that data is distributed among hardware resources. Office 365 supports enterprise privacy and security standards. Data storage and processing is logically segregated between customers through specialized Active Directory technology engineered specifically for this purpose.

Office 365 security thumb What is Office 365 Built in Security?

Office 365 Security Built-in!

Unlike an on-premises installation, Office 365 is designed specifically for secure access over the Internet. There are 2 options for user identification.

  • Microsoft Online IDs
  • Federated IDs

In the first case, users create Microsoft Online Service accounts for use with Office 365. Users sign in to all their Office 365 services using a single login and password. The single sign-on application helps users easily create and use strong passwords that keep their services safe.

You can also choose federated identification, which uses on-premises Active Directory Federation Services (a service of Microsoft Windows Server 2008) to authenticate users on Office 365 using their corporate ID and password. In this scenario, identities are administered only on-premises.

This also enables organizations to use two-factor authentication (such as smart cards or biometrics in addition to passwords) for maximum security.


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