What is Office 365? Cloud Service and Security!

The Office 365 release is official and if you’re magnetized to 365 reviews, you’ll probably ask the question, What is Office 365, after all ? You’re so used to the desktop services of Microsoft or 2007, that you may be perplexed by the idea of Office 365. In a simple way to understand, What is Office 365; Office 365 takes all the services and functionality offered by Microsoft Office and moves it into the cloud. In a nutshell, it’s another way of saying that instead of working from local installations of Microsoft Office or Exchange Servers, you’ll be able to connect to these services or products, provided by Microsoft, via the Internet.

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“What is Office 365” like services!

If you’re using web-based services like Gmail or Yahoo – or even Google web apps like Google Docs – you already know what is Office 365 and cloud and you’re working on it.

Microsoft Office 365 will include four major services : Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, Office Sharepoint Online, and Lync Online. Here’s a quick review of the functionality of these services.

Microsoft Office includes all the functionality of Office Professional Plus (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) and Office Web Apps.

Exchange Online provides cloud-based services like e-mail, calendar, etc which are viewable on all internet-accessible devices like cell phones and laptops.

Office SharePoint Online will allow you to collaborate as a group by creating team sites, sharing documents etc and through various other social networking features.

Lync is the next-generation product of Office Communicator and this cloud-based service provides IM, online meetings, audio/video conferencing.

What is Office 365?


“What is Office 365” Security ?

The security architecture of Microsoft Office 365 ensures that customer data is highly safeguarded from risks and threats. Microsoft applies a common set of security policies to the Office 365 services through the Microsoft security program. Microsoft Security Management approach comprehensively secures Office 365 services by providing protection at multiple levels, including :

· Physical layers at data centers: Physical controls, video surveillance, access control

· Logical layers: Data isolation, hosted applications security, infrastructure services, network level, identity and access management, federated identity and single sign on.


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