Quad Core Superphone is on its Way

The smartphone is dead, long live the superphone; and the new superphone will have four processors all buzzing at over 2 GHz.

What hardware does superphone use?

With the recent release of the latest generation of Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, all with dual core processors operating at between 1GHz and 1.2 Ghz, many were thinking that the day of the superphone had really arrived. But it now seems that quad-core processor chips targeted at the smartphone market are being developed by Nvidia. This is the same company that produces the Tegra 2 system on chips used in the phones we mentioned above.

What can we do with superphone?

So what will these new chips do for us? If you enjoy playing games on your phone, then you are in for a whole new experience. These new chips will for the first time permit dynamic lighting to be used in portable games; the difference between dynamic and static lighting is huge, the former considerably enhancing the interactivity of the game. Real time simulation of the effect of gravity on the gaming environment can also be implemented. The huge difference is that all game play is simulated rather than reproduced from pre-recordings; in a word – amazing.

One of the major problems with increasing computing power is that it goes hand in hand with increasing power consumption, and without some revolutionary new battery technologies, any increase in the power demands made by our phones is not going to go down to well; already we have to recharge them much more frequently than we would wish to.  However, Nvidia claim that the quad-core chips will consume power more efficiently than the current dual-core ones. Even so, if you ran the chips at full capacity, a typical phone battery would be drained in 4 to 6 hours.

So how long must we wait for these superphones to hit the market? Nvidia say that they will initially be used in tablets which will hit the shops this summer, and the first quad processor phones should be in the shops in time for Christmas. Find out more details at Dialaphone, where you can also see the selection of cheap mobile phones available.

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