Top 5 IE9 Add-ons

After showing you how to uninstall IE9, it’s time to review some of the add-ons that are useful in our daily surfing. This is a list of Top 5 add-ons for Internet Explorer 9.

Top 5 IE9 Add-ons

ie9 addons lastpass thumb Top 5 IE9 Add ons LastPass:     This is a good cross-platform add-on. If you’ve not heard about it, you should pay some attention to learn about it. It can be used to store and synchronize passwords security across all browsers and platforms, and in addition to that, it generates random and secure passwords. It can audit your stored passwords and intimates you how much lack in secure password habits. To get the Internet Explorer 9 version of add-on, install the LassPass Universal Windows Installer on your computer.  


ie9 add ons xmarks thumb Top 5 IE9 Add ons   – Till recently, there were doubts on the continuation of this healthy and powerful add-on or extension. But LastPass’s company came forward to save this helpful add-on. This add-on helps you to synchronize your Favorites or  with the Xmarks server, which makes it a good cross-platform and multiple browser friendly. You can synchronize even passwords and it has many more features which you can explore in my Xmark’s earlier posts.


ie9 add ons foxytunes thumb Top 5 IE9 Add ons

FoxyTunes – If you’re interested in listening to music and do browsing at the same time, this add-on exactly works out for this purpose. You’ve a quick handy-way of controlling your WMP 12 from Internet Explorer 9.


ie9 add ons evernote thumb Top 5 IE9 Add ons

EverNote – It increases the feasibility of taking notes while working with Internet Explorer 9. It also synchronizes these notes across multi-browsers and cross-platform using Evernote service. You can also check the official Evernote site for further details.


ie9 add ons youtube thumb Top 5 IE9 Add ons

YouTube Search Accelerator and YouTube Search Provider : If you’re browsing the web, you’re definite to use YouTube. In order to accelerate your search on YouTube, the accelerator helps you to take a piece of text from the web and search it on YouTube. The search provider helps you to search YouTube by entering keywords in the address bar.

Though, the potential of IE9 add-ons are limited, some of them are quite useful. Only time will tell, will the further coming versions of Internet Explorer will encourage developers to produce more add-ons.

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  • Anonymous

    I feel you neglected Trixie, which enables you to use GreaseMonkey scripts in IE9.

  • Luckynucky

    I keep losing my Flash and JAVA with IE9… any suggestions?