Adblock for Internet Explorer 9: Block advertisements

If you’ve used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc before, there is an excellent add-on or extension called AdBlock to block advertisements. But in Internet Explorer, there was no such option to block ads, till IE8. Welcome ! The developers of Internet Explorer 9 have heard the critics and included an AdBlock kind of functionality built-into the browser itself. The technology is called Tracking Protection. You simply need to subscribe to the appropriate protection list to block advertisements in Internet Explorer 9.

How to block advertisements using Tracking Protection?

Tracking Protection is a feature of IE 9  which allows you to block unwanted content from websites. This nuisance content is blocked in IE9, if the content is included in the so-called Protection List. These lists exist in the Internet Explorer Gallery, including the monumental EasyList maintained by the community which led to the creation of AdBlock extension or add-on.

Block Advertisements by subscribing to EasyList

Go-to Internet Explorer Gallery and . You need to enter a username, password and for signing up.

Click on “Get Tracking Protection Lists”.

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On clicking the link, a list of tracking protection lists (TPLs), based on rating, are shown.

adblock for Internet Explorer 9 protection lists thumb Adblock for Internet Explorer 9: Block advertisements

When you click on ADD button beside the list, you’re asked to confirm adding the chosen protection list. After you click on the Add List button, your protection list is added. There won’t be any confirmation messages.

From now-onwards when you start browsing the websites on the web, you’ll see a note-worthy difference. To your expectation, most of the ads will not be showing on the websites you visit.

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  • Corey

     Um.. You just right click and select “Disable”

    Please tell me that you’re not actually using some type of “AdBlock” software for IE9 and you’re just referring to the Tracking Protection feature built into the browser that this article is referencing throughout the entire thing… Nowhere does anybody say anything about installing an IE Adblock. This feature provided by Microsoft called “Tracking Protection” allows you to simply load blocklists into your browser from the start without having to install any extra software or extensions..

    If you’re this confused when attempting something as simple as enabling Tracking Protection or even running an adblock extension without knowing how to restore things back to normal then maybe you should think twice before trying to customize ANYTHING on your system. You obviously don’t know what you’re doing, so stop breaking your computer and definitely stop blaming Microsoft each time you do..

  • xuninc

     I don’t think anybody that has commented so far understands what this is. I read one comment from some guy saying he didn’t want to sign up for anything… My head started hurting when I read his comment because my brain couldn’t process how anybody could have a thought process so ridiculously flawed that it actually started to hurt! You don’t have to signup for anything, this is a feature that Microsoft has included with their browser for free, something Mozilla has NOT done. All you have to do is freaking click on a TPL (tracking protection list) link and it asks you to confirm that you want to add that list… If you confirm, then you are now blocking everything on that list. It’s a built-in feature that works basically the same as any other ad-blocking add-ons or software do. Why would you complain about a feature that is awesome?

  • Jcarvery2k

    I want to know how to turn the crap off. Its done nothing but make my browsing experience hell since everything is blocked now on many sites I have to turn off adblock but there is no way to do it without dumping ie9 and switching browsers

    • Admin

      @Jcarvery2k: Sorry to know that it disturbed your browser. I suggest you unsubscribe from the list you subscribed and also disable tracking protection. Anyhow, IE8 is better than IE9 and further Google Chrome works far better than IE9. If still the problem exists, just uninstall and do a re-install of IE9.

  • Hl

    i dont want to sign up make ad block for ie9 u morons