Four Must-Have Chrome extension for Facebook

The Google Chrome browser is becoming increasingly popular along-with Facebook, one of the reasons for that are the many free chrome extension for facebook. These extensions can be installed from the Chrome Web Store and add more functionalities to your browser. Here is a selection of addons that you should install if you are a Facebook member:

Chrome Extension for Facebook

Facebook Extension

clip image001 thumb Four Must Have Chrome extension for FacebookThe Facebook extension for Google Chrome integrates Facebook directly into your browser. You can access with a single click on the icon next to your address bar and, more importantly, you will never miss anything even if you are browsing on a different website. A small notification is displayed next to the icon whenever someone posts on your wall, you can a friend request or an invitation. This way, you can always stay in touch with your friends without having to stay on the Facebook website all the time.

Chrome Adblock Plus

clip image002 thumb Four Must Have Chrome extension for FacebookSurfing on can be annoying due to the ads that clutter every page. With Chrome Adblock Plus, disabling them becomes very easy, just install the extension and all ads are gone automatically on every website, including Facebook. Adblock Plus, important chrome extension for , does not only remove ads, it can eliminate any unwanted content from websites. If you are concerned about the fact that Facebook is using the like-buttons to track your surfing habits, you can disable the buttons by manually adding the Antisocial filter list which removes all social media integration on websites. Click here to add more blocking filters to the Adblock Plus for Google Chrome extension.

Facebook Photo Zoom : Chrome Extension for Facebook

clip image003 thumb Four Must Have Chrome extension for FacebookThe FB Photo Zoom, a chrome extension for facebook, provides a more convenient way to view images on Zoomable images like profile pictures or images in a photo albums can be zoomed at without having to click on them, just hovering with the mouse over the picture you’d like to zoom at will provide you with the larger version.


clip image004 thumb Four Must Have Chrome extension for FacebookAre you spending too much time on Facebook and don’t get any of your work done? Install the StayFocusd, chrome extension for Facebook and this plugin will increase your productivity by limiting the time you can spend on time wasting websites such as Facebook.

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