3 Amazing New Firefox 5 features : Download Firefox 5

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Finally, the browser with diversified good number of add-ons, had it’s show again, with amazing Firefox 5 features. The Firefox 5 release date was announced as June 21st and the next day when I opened Firefox it immediately updated my Firefox 4 to the stable version of Firefox 5.

As usual, Mozilla is a free open-source community which allows us to download Firefox for free from filehippo.com

Download Firefox 5 for Free

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Let’s take a look at the 3 amazing Firefox 5 features it has to offer:

1.      Firefox 5 Features – App Tabs:

App tabs allow to have your web apps like , Gmail, Twitter always open and just a click away. App tabs are very small, iconic in form on the top left hand side of the browser and very easily identifiable. App tabs can’t be closed so easily and open automatically when you open Firefox 5.

How do I make an App Tab?

The easiest way to make an App Tab is to make one.

  1. Right-click on the tab you want to turn into an App Tab and select Pin as App Tab from the context menu.

How do I remove an App Tab?

Turning an App Tab back into a regular tab is simple.

  1. Right-click on the App Tab and select Unpin Tab from the context menu.

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But the drawback of having too many app tabs, is when you close and open the window with app tabs, and you’ve chosen to show windows and tabs from last time, it’ll take a while for the other tabs to load as the app tabs also have to load. So it’s better to minimize the app tabs to pages with less page loading time.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Know more about App Tabs from this Mozilla Firefox Help Page

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