Comparison of Apple iOS 5 features with – Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

The much awaited iOS 5 features and iOS 5 release date announced at this 2011 WWDC keynote address conference, was speculative with Apple announcing it’d be this FALL. Though there is no exact date announcement from Apple, many iOS 5 rumours have it that it’d be this September. Anyhow, the much popular mobile OS comes with many, as many as 200+ features, like new enhanced Notification centre, Game centre, iCloud, iMessage , Mail etc.

What others say about iOS 5 features?

According to, there are some hiccups/cons to this iOS 5, like, slowdowns in daily usage and the reduced battery life.  Though this isn’t warranted on consumer devices, due to the fact, that the OS is still in beta. Even with these hiccups, iOS 5 features, still outperform many Android handsets. iMessage is everything that BlackBerry Messenger has, but even better. Why? You’ll be able to communicate seamlessly with over 200 million (and growing)  iOS 5 device users as compared to only 45 million BlackBerry smartphone subscribers.

Here’s a comparison of major Apple iOS 5 features with rival mobile platforms like BlackBerry OS, Windows , Android. We’ve included dates and names of some of the features in the comparison.

Comparison of iOS 5 features to Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Apple iOS 5


Windows Phone

BlackBerry OS

Grouped notifications

Notification Center

Notifications pull-down (2008)

Live tile updates (2010)

Notification icons on home screen

Group, multimedia messaging (free within ecosystem)


Standard messaging; Third party apps (Kik, GroupMe)

Standard messaging; Third-party apps

BlackBerry Messenger 5 (2009)

Twitter sharing, integration

iOS 5, fall release

Sharing an original Android feature; status updates via apps

Coming with Mango update in fall

Twitter photo-sharing available

Over-the-air updates

iOS 5, fall release

Original feature (2008)

Original feature (2010)

BlackBerry OS 5 (2009)

Magazine, RSS subscriptions


Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Reminders lists

iOS 5, fall release; includes geolocation

Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Browser reading mode

iOS 5, fall release

Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Third-party apps

Rich text formatting

Mail app

Third-party apps

Office documents

Third-party apps

Camera shortcut on a locked phone

iOS 5, fall release

HTC Sensation has a lock screen shortcut

Hold and press shutter from sleep position (Pocket-to-picture; 2010)

Must wake up phone

Games recommendations, see achievements

Games Center

Not available

Xbox Live (Achievements; 2010); enhancements withMango

Not available

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