Apple – 2011 WWDC Keynote Address : Watch it on YouTube

The 2011 WWDC event happened in San Francisco on June 6th, this year. There were about 5,200 attendees and the event was started by Steve Jobs himself. He looks thin and pale in the presentation, but when you think of the synergy behind him, that all looks negligible. There were over 120 sessions, 100 hands-on labs, and 1000 Apple engineers to make the 2011 WWDC event a success. The event was organized to talk about Apple software OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.

Apple 2011 WWDC Keynote address  thumb Apple   2011 WWDC Keynote Address :  Watch it on YouTube

Who presented the 2011 WWDC ?

Steve Jobs took the help of his colleagues, namely, Phil Schiller (SVP WW Product Marketing) & Craig Federighi (VP OS X Software) to give the OS X Lion demos. Next in the 2011 WWDC event, Scott Forstall (SVP iOS Software) presented about the iOS 5. Steve presented the next product of the 2011 WWDC event i.e iCloud. Roger Rosner (VP iWork) demoed the iCloud features.

Phill Schiller in the 2011 WWDC thumb Apple   2011 WWDC Keynote Address :  Watch it on YouTubeCraig Federighi 2011 WWDC event  thumb Apple   2011 WWDC Keynote Address :  Watch it on YouTube

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What was presented in 2011 WWDC?

Phil Schiller talked about OS X Lion first, saying that Mac is growing well, with 54 million active users, 73% Notebooks sales, and 28% growth. He says that OS X Lion has 250 new features and explained about the 10 key features in 2011 WWDC event. Windows Migration to Mac is a key new feature. FileVault 2, Facetime, Lookup, Lion Server add on etc are some of the other features explained about by Schiller and demoed by Federighi. The price was reduced from $129 to $29.99.

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Scott said that 200 million iOS devices were sold till date, which makes it the No. 1 mobile OS with 44% market capture. 25 million iPads were already sold according to him. 15 Billion songs were sold by the iTunes music store. There were 425,000 apps on the Apps store of which 90,000 are iPad apps. 2.5 Billion dollars were paid to developers of these apps. 10 key features are explained and demoed in detail. iPhone 4 would soon become the most popular mobile to take pictures. Multitasking gestures, Airplay Mirroring, Wi-Fi sync to iTunes, iTunes Tone Store etc, are the key features that come up with the iOS 5. It is soon to be released this Fall, while the developer seed is given on the same day. New developer tools like Core Image, Automatic Reference Counting, Customize UI, GL kit, Newsstand Kit etc come with iOS 5. It supports the same devices supported by the last update like iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2, iPad touch (3rd and 4th gen) etc.

He said that the devices have changed in the last 5 years, which makes apps like photos, music etc  to be in sync with these devices a nightmare. The centre of the digital life is going to move to the cloud, he said in the 2011 WWDC event. iCloud which is a way more than an hard-disk in the cloud stores content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. iCloud is integrated with your apps and everything happens automatically. , Calendars, Mail etc are stored in the iCloud. Changes on any device are pushed to all devices. There there is Shared Calendars. “It just works”!  iCloud Storage APIs, Apps can store documents in iCloud and iCloud automatically pushes to user’s devices automatically, and documents update on all devices when changed on any device.

Eddy Cue (VP Internet Services) gave the demo of PhotoStream. There are 9 apps that constitute iCloud and they’re all free, as presented in 2011 WWDC event.

Apple – 2011 WWDC Keynote Address on YouTube

Apple – 2011 WWDC Keynote Address on YouTube


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