How to Stop Monitor/Screen Flickering:[Solved]

A brand new monitor may sometimes give problems, like the screen may flicker. You see a wavy pattern on the screen and is very discomforting to the eyes. Though the cause to this problem are many, I’ll try to give some simple tips to solve this type of  problems.

#Tip 1: Better adjust the screen refresh rate.

To do this on Windows 7, follow these instructions.

  • Right Click on your Desktop and select Personalize.
  • Click on Display on the left hand side bar in the next screen.
  • Click on Change display settings.
  • Click on Advanced Settings on the next screen.
  • A pop-up window appears. Go To the Monitor tab.

Change Screen Refresh Rate Stop Monitor Flickering thumb How to Stop Monitor/Screen Flickering:[Solved]

You will find a drop-down box under Screen refresh rate with some values. Select 75 Hertz if you’ve a flickering problem. Click on Apply and see the changes. If this doesn’t solve your problem, try different refresh rates. This also depends upon your screen resolution. So just check with your Monitor manufacturer website or google for the standard refresh rates that suit your monitor and resolution.

#Tip 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Display drivers

If the above tip doesn’t solve your problem, try un-installing your display drivers. Re-install or update the drivers to see the problem is solved.

#Tip 3: HDTV Monitor Screen Flickering

If you just bought a new 19" BEAUTIFUL Vizio HDTV Monitor and you’re having this flickering problem, then follow this tip. If by chance you’re connected to this monitor via the RGB PC slot, then just get a new HDMI cable to see if the problem is solved. You can see a forum post about this problem here.

#Tip 4: Buy a New Video Card

Sometimes when you’re playing games, your screen may all go red. Also, the screen may flicker and monitor may crash, and while browsing internet the monitor may just shut off and go to power saving mode. For these type of problems check this forum post. As you can see buying and installing a compatible video card may solve the problem.

#Tip 5: Laptop Screen Monitor Flickering

If you’ve problems like LED lights flickering off, there are some common reasons for this type of problems. The common problem may be the inverter which may fail before the CCFL or the LCD array. If you buy a new inverter try to correct match for the CCFL. Other problems could be, power supply issues. The ac adapter may not be giving full dc output or you may have battery drain/charge issues.  More other common problems could be cable faults, broken wires, disconnected/badly seated at their connectors or damaged connector sockets. If you checked for all these problems and couldn’t find a solution, hook up the monitor to an external monitor and replicate the problem. If the fault replicates it’s graphics/mobo issue. Check this article for more info.

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