Using Google 2 Step Verification

Recently in Feb, 2011 Google introduced the 2-step verification process for a more secure and better control over your Google Account. The process of using this 2-step verification is very simple.

What is Google 2-Step Verification?

In this method, you need to enter two codes to authorize your Google account. The first code is your normal password. The second code is an verification code sent to your phone, which you’ll configure or setup with Google. So this makes you an unique person who can login into your Google Account, stopping all hacking and other nonsense, providing more security to your account.

What is Application-Specific Password?

Some desktop apps and other mobile apps, can’t take the verification code received on your phone and they need to be entered a username and password. For such type of apps, Google generates a specific password called application-specific password which you can enter into your app once and use it forever, without memorizing at all.

You can either follow the video below to understand the intricacies of the process or go down below the video to see the instructions in word format.

Video : How to Use Google 2-Step Verification Process

Manual Instructions

First, go to your G-mail account and from the drop-down, next to your e-mail id or name,  select Account Settings.

Account Settings of Gmail thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

This will open up your Account page.

On this page, under Personal Settings, click on Using 2-step verification.

Using2stepverficationonaccountpage thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification 

You may be asked to re-enter the password for your Google Account.

Then you’ll enter the 2-step verification page.

2stepverificationpage thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

Click on the Set up 2-step verification button. The setup make take up about 15 minutes.

2stepverificationusingtextmessage thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

You need to select the Landline or mobile phone option to get a text message (SMS) or voice call of your verification code. If you’re using an smartphone application like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone etc you need to use the Google Authenticator app to get the verification code.

enter phone number for 2 step verification thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

If you select mobile or landline option, you need to enter your valid phone number. A green tick appears if the number is validated correctly. You can configure to send codes by SMS text message or automated voice message.  Now click on Send Code and check your phone for the code. Enter the received code on your phone into the next text box and click on Verify. You’ll get a message saying that, your phone number is configured. Click on Next.

2stepverificationprocesscomplete thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

In the next screen, you’ll be shown your configured phone number.

In the next step, you’ll be asked to add backup options.

backupcodesfor2stepverification thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

You’ll get 10 backup verification codes to use, in-case you loose your phone or you are travelling on a plane and forgot your mobile or smartphone. Print a copy of the backup verification codes. These will be the only source in case you lost your configured phone.

back up phone number for 2 step verification thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

You also need add another mobile or landline phone number as a backup to get codes, in case your phone gets stolen or lost. Click on Next.

application specific passwords thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

For some applications like mobile Gmail, desktop Picasa, Adwords Editor etc, they cannot ask for verification codes. To use these applications you need to enter applicaiton-specific password. These application-specific passwords need to be entered only once for each application and don’t need to be memorized.

turn on 2 step verification code thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

Your configuration details will be displayed and will be asked to Turn on 2-step verification. You’ll see a pop-up to confirm this verification process. Next, you’ll be signed out of all your devices, including mobile applications.

enter verification code thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

Now when you want to login to your Google Account, you’ll need to enter your normal password and after that enter the verification code sent to your phone.

authorized services to your Google Account thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

Once you’re logged in you’ll shown the services that are connected to your Google Account and the option to revoke access to these services, if any are there.

generate password for application specific passwords thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

You’ll also be given the option to create an application-specific password, when you click on Generate password.

application specific passwords generated thumb Using Google 2 Step Verification

Your application-specific password will be generated and you need to enter this password into your desktop application like Outlook, where verification codes don’t work. You need to enter this only once and need not be memorized. You can also revoke these application-specific passwords.

How to Turn-Off 2-Step Verification for Google Accounts?

Once you decided, it’s an annoying feature entering codes twice to login into your account, you can turn off this feature. To turn off this feature, you can follow this article from

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  • Might Ankitsri

    I am not able to get verification code because  i can not have access on both phones duo to lost of cell phone. so plzee help me its urgent…..

  • TforTrader

    Does anyone know how to contact Google or bypass the SMS verification procedure? Google has locked my account under the pretense that it has been “compromised.” No way I am falling for this cheap trick to put my phone number in their database.

    • Admin

      If you’re account is locked after 2-step verification is done, you can use the 10 backup verification codes to re-enter your account. Once you re-enter your account, you can cancel the 2-step verification completely, if you want! But completely by-passing the SMS procedure, is not what Google intends to do, so there is no way out, I think!