Where is the Status Bar in Firefox [Solved]?

If you’re quite used to see the status bar in all browsers, it’s not so uncommon to firefox as well. But welcome, Firefox 4.0, there is no status bar. You don’t find it in the View > Toolbars options or anywhere else. Well, as far my understanding goes, Firefox has disguised status bar, just like as in Chrome, as you can see in the below screenshot.

status bar for firefox thumb Where is the Status Bar in Firefox [Solved]?

As you can see in the above image, all the statuses are being shown in a transparent bar (see the red box), just like in Chrome.

But if you’re like me searching for the status bar, to fix any add-ons listed on the status bar, there is a solution.

Solution to Status Bar

Instead of the status bar, Firefox 4.0 has added a new bar called Add-on Bar. This, you can activate from View > Toolbars options or using the shortcut Ctrl +/. So if you’ve updated Firefox from an earlier version like me, the add-ons on the status bar may not be visible. For this, you just need to activate the Add-on bar.

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  • Guest

    but, how do i make it so that the ‘invisible status bar’ doesnt hide things that are on the bottom of the webpage? (chat inputs, or the like) this problem doesnt occur if you have a ‘visible’ status bar (everything else gets ‘pushed up’ )

  • Imaguest

    damnit, thanks! I was looking for it ever since I installed FF5 for my WebMail Notifier & FoxyProxy. sometimes I don’t understand upgrades. thanks for the light!