Stop Firefox from AutoComplete/Suggest Address Url

The latest Firefox 4.0 has many rich enhancements with additional themes provided to suit your liking. But one default option that comes is, the auto-completion of address url in the address bar or location bar. There is a simple tweak to stop FF from suggesting auto-completion of address url from history and bookmarks. Otherwise, this annoying feature will make your address url being filled up with non-sense urls from history and bookmarks.


1. Click on Tools > Options

2. From the pop-up window, select Privacy on the top.

stop firefox autocomplete the address bar thumb Stop Firefox from AutoComplete/Suggest Address Url

3. In this mode, you can see “When using the location bar, suggest:” setting under the Location Bar.

4. Select “Nothing” from the drop-down box.

That’s it! You’ll never be bothered with any auto-complete address urls when you type anything into the address bar or location bar.

Other Options:

But unlike me, if you want to allow suggestions in the address bar, you can select the other options like.

  • History and Bookmarks
  • History
  • Bookmarks

By default, Firefox will suggest urls from your History and Bookmarks. But if you want to suggest urls from History or Bookmarks, you can select the appropriate options in the drop-down box.

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