YouTube Top 100 : New Music Chart Launched

We’ve heard of different music charts like the Billboard Top 200, Ultimate Chart, MTV’s Music Meter and We Are Hunted. Now the king of videos, YouTube has launched a new music video chart. It’s a popularity index that measures "song traffic" for official music videos and user-uploaded videos. But there are 2 major differences between YouTube Top 100 Music Video chart and other online music charts. Firstly, the video music chart contains user-generated and viral music, like (in)famous Rebecca Black, who is present in the top 10 of the same. Secondly, YouTube music chart focuses on video while others focus on the music, with videos (if offered) being supplementary. But the presence of 8 music videos in the top 10 YouTube videos of all time, is a proof that YouTube targets music.

To navigate directly to the Top 100 music chart, you can visit this link. Otherwise, you can open the main page of YouTube(www. and click on Music category on the front page.

youtube top 100 music chart thumb YouTube  Top 100 : New Music Chart Launched

Then you’re shown “top music charts” on the right hand side of the page.

top music charts of You Tube thumb YouTube  Top 100 : New Music Chart Launched

The top 10 of the YouTube’s music charts, are similar to that of Ultimate Chart and Billboard. That’s mainly because of mainstream popularity of these 4 artists : Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Bruno Mars.

But the special thing about You Tube 100 homepage is the break up of genres. Some are un-orthodox like New Age, Stage & Screen, Comedy/Spoken (that one is not actually music, but whatever). If your location is to Americas, you can also see the events listing, powered by Songkick.

Events In YouTube Music Charts Homepage thumb YouTube  Top 100 : New Music Chart Launched

YouTube is contriving to archive the charts "for future exploration of original recordings, music memes, and pop hits." Though Rebecca Black featuring in the top 10 music list, is of questionable legitimacy, YouTube 100 is nevertheless a handy addition to the online music ecosystem.

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