How to Make Windows 7 Genuine ?

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After Microsoft applied WAT technologies to their Windows 7 OS, users started complaining that their genuine Windows 7 systems are becoming non-genuine. One way to circumvent this problem, is if you’re a non-genuine user of Windows 7 is to use Windows 7 loader. I’m not sure how this works, but it’s kind of a crack, hack, patch which dodges the WAT technologies into thinking that Windows 7 is genuine. This works for Windows 7 Ultimate as well.

There are several torrents on the net where you can find this Windows 7 Loader software. is one such site, which offers relatively good torrents.

If you search that site using “windows 7 loader” you can find torrent links to different versions of the same like Windows 7 Loader 1.9.7, Windows Loader 1.9.9 etc. The present version is 2.0. This loader also helps to download Windows updates and the new version even works on Windows 7 SP1.

Update: Now the Windows 7 Loader which can make windows 7 genuine has reached version version 2.1. The torrent you can search any torrent site and is uploaded by Daz.

How To Make Windows 7 Genuine thumb How to Make Windows 7 Genuine ?

Please read the detail information after downloading the torrent on how to apply the loader and solutions for any further problems you face to make Windows 7 genuine.

As you can see in the window from the Control Panel that your Windows is activated message is displayed with the Product ID number.

Disclaimer: Please buy & use ORIGINAL WINDOWS 7 SOFTWARE.

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