2 Android Apps Review : HowStuffWorks – &- AutoCAD WS

If you’re new to the Android Market, Discovery’s HowStuffWorks app is an all-in-one portal for the people with a curiosity mind. The app features direct access to quotes, articles, facts and shows from the heralded website by the means of a simple, good-looking UI. HowStuffWorks app for Android comes equipped with push notifications for shows ( both podcasts and blog posts) and 2 homescreen widgets, one for quotes and other for facts.

HowStuffWorks Android App screenshot thumb 2 Android Apps Review : HowStuffWorks   &  AutoCAD WS

The homescreen has a search bar. The Read section provides access to all the 11 categories of articles.  Facts and Quotes section improves your general knowledge. The app provides you to stream podcasts while exploring other sections or using your device as normal and the push notifications alert you when new podcasts and shows are available.

Download HowStuffWorks For Android

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Now-a-days Android is fashionably used by architects and engineers together! AutoCAD WS is an official mobile variant Android app of Autodesk Inc.’s hailed CAD application.

This app lets you view, edit DWG files stored locally (eg. SD card) or you can upload to your online AutoCAD WS account to share them via email. The app comes with essential Draw, Edit and Markup tools.

AutoCAD WS Android App review thumb 2 Android Apps Review : HowStuffWorks   &  AutoCAD WS

Though the app is not meant for extensive and concise editing, primary use lies in viewing and sharing your CAD projects with fellow co-workers, student friends, or clients via a quick, efficient and excellent medium. The mobile app automatically syncs all your drawings with the online account, so any changes made in the web editor will be reflected in the mobile app and vice versa.

Download AutoCAD WS For Android

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