Download Profiler: Firefox Addon to Categorize Downloads

If you’ve ever used download managers like IDM (Internet Download Manager), you must have noticed a significant addition to it’s feature list. The IDM downloads can be categorized into different categories and make the downloads go into special folders like Music, Documents, Archives, Videos etc. This makes it easy for you to download files of different type like doc,wmv,wav,mp3,mpeg etc based on their category like Documents, Music, Videos etc into separate folders and give different paths for these folders.

Unfortunately, Firefox native download manager doesn’t provide this type of alternative choices. Download Profiler is a Firefox add-on, exactly for this kind of requirement. With this Firefox extension, you can create different profiles for saving movies, music, apps etc files in different paths or folders. From the right click context menu, you can select appropriate profile for that particular category. This doesn’t replace the Firefox native download manager, but only re-directs it.

Download Profiler Firefox addon thumb Download Profiler: Firefox Addon to Categorize Downloads

As you can see above, you can create profiles and create separate paths for different categories.

Download Profiler Context menu thumb Download Profiler: Firefox Addon to Categorize Downloads

Just right click the download and from the context menu, select the appropriate profile.

Download Firefox Addon : Download Profiler

Drawback of Download Profiler : Firefox add-on

Though it can categorize downloads and send to different path folders, the names on the right click context menu remain standard or unchanged. For eg, they’re named Profile 1, Profile 2, etc. instead of giving the option to the user to name them like Movies, Music, Apps, Compressed etc.


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