Windows 8 Task Manager Likely to be Simple & Powerful

The developing process of Windows 8 seems to have gained momentum with each day, articles popping up around the web with new features. From the recent version i.e Windows 8 M1 7850 build, some screenshots of the new Windows 8 Task manager have been leaked on MyDigitalLife forums.

windows 8 task manager thumb Windows 8 Task Manager Likely to be Simple & Powerful

The new Windows 8 is likely to have a new interface better than Windows 7.  The new task manager is a combination of Microsoft’s Task Manager interface and Resource monitor. It has greater information on running processes, services and overall system resources. Processes are colored to show their strain on the resources.

windows 8 task manager screen shot thumb Windows 8 Task Manager Likely to be Simple & Powerful

As you can see in the above screenshot, the task manager comes with 3 tabs instead of 7 tabs in Windows 7. The programs are listed as “Windows System-Critical Programs”, “Background Programs” etc, which makes it easy to identify any unknown programs running in the background and programs that are hogging system resources. It’s also easy to kill an application by just clicking the cross-icon at the farther end.

Though the modern task manager of Windows 8 speaks volumes, presently it’s only in developmental state and hence still buggy. Applications seem to stuck in the task manager even when they’re shut down.

How to Enable Windows 8 Task Manager?

If you’re still interested in testing the features of new improved task manager in Windows 8, you can activate or enable it with a few minor registry tweaks. The Modern Task Manager was unlocked by creating the TaskUIEnabled key and setting it to “1” under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TaskUI.


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