Checking Disk Space? — 3 Freeware Tools to check Disk Space Usage!

Once the number of files and folders grow, it becomes difficult to keep track of their size. The hard disk space usage keeps getting full and you’re in jeopardy which files or folders are consuming disk space. One pretty good solution to this problem is to have disk space monitoring software to monitor low disk space on your . These disk space monitor software will let you know when your hard disk space goes below a threshold and warn you of low disk space.

In order to circumvent the problem and take precautions to this kind of problem, it’s better to delete unnecessary large size files or folders and keep the hard disk free space healthy. I’ll review 3 windows disk space analyzer software tools or disk space utilities or disk space reporting software for you to use and analyze disk space usage. All the 3 utilities are freeware.

1. WinDirStat :

Though this utility is little older compared to the new disk space analyzer tools coming up, it works pretty well and does the required job showing well-displayed charts. One of the advantages of this tool is that it also shows up “unknown space” which sometime occupy large disk space. These unknown spaces are created while doing partitioning or re-sizing free disk space.

Download WinDirStat

In order to better understand it’s working and features, you can follow the following review from this source.

Visualize your Hard Drive Usage with WinDirStat

windirstat disk space analyzer graphic chart thumb Checking Disk Space?    3 Freeware Tools to check Disk Space Usage!

OS Supported : Windows 95 (IE5), Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT4 (SP5), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

2. JDiskReport

This is a java source tool and though it displays charts showing disk space usage and analysis just like WinDirStat, it consumes little bit more resources and as usual takes sometime to analyse disk space if the number of files or folders are large. It shows the Top 50 large files in a particular drive or folder, and displays the disk space usage in a pie-chart or bar chart as required.

Download JDiskReport

You can learn more about this tool and its features from the review below.

Analyze Disk Usage with JDiskReport

JDiskReport 1.3.2 disk space analyzer graphic thumb Checking Disk Space?    3 Freeware Tools to check Disk Space Usage!

OS Supported: Though the official page doesn’t mention about the OS supported, from my personal experience it works on Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.

3. Folder Size

Though this is a less known-tool, it focuses on giving disk space usage information in different data size units like bytes, KB, MB, GB etc. The software tool is simple to use. It shows disk space usage on dynamic Pie and Bar charts so that you can view the heavy usage folders instead of reading statistics. The big advantage is it has a portable version also.

Download Folder Size

The review about this tool is very new and can be read from the source here.

Folder Size Checks Distribution Of Disk Space, Displays Different Charts

desktop folder size disk space usage software tool thumb Checking Disk Space?    3 Freeware Tools to check Disk Space Usage!

It works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.


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