Windows 8 adds Hybrid Boot – Makes Booting Faster

Welcome 2011! We already had Windows 7 SP1 update this year and people are eagerly waiting for the release of Windows 8. is a website dedicated for Windows 8 and it recently came up with the news that Windows 8 is going to have Hybrid Boot.

We all know that Hibernation is a rich feature of Microsoft OS starting from XP.  This feature lets you save all the memory in RAM to hard-disk and you can regain the condition back in minutes, even after power shut-down. This saves power and time.

Sleep a different feature from Hibernation, does not shut down completely, and the system state is lost on power loss.

Microsoft by default added this Hybrid boot to the new developing OS Windows 8’s current builds. Hybrid boot is designed to reduce boot times, after shutting down the computer. To make this happen, the shut down is turned into an hibernation kind of feature.  The data that is required to start the system faster is put into hibernation instead of keeping the whole users data.

Windows 8 Italia reported that with Hybrid Boot enabled it took only 20 secs to boot up. Multi-boot or dual-boot users will not see the default boot manager screen, when they Windows 8 with Hybrid Boot enabled.

You need to disable Hybrid Boot in the Control Panel under Power Options, to have a normal shut down.

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Thanks Microsoft for making progress in achieving good boot times!


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