3rd Party iPad Accessories : A Review

I’ve already reviewed iPad 2 accessories from apple, in my earlier post. Now let’s see some iPad accessories from 3rd party. Some accessories may be better than those of apple, while the others may not match the quality of apple.

1.   Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2 : From Tarqus                     

Price: $53.51

Description: You may be tired of typing on iPad 2’s touchscreen, and may be feeling for an external keyboard. This ergonomic wireless keyboard comes as a joy, providing extra comfort while typing. The keyboard comes with a 7 month battery life and it also indicates when the battery runs out. Useful while travelling.

targus bluetooth keyboard for ipad 2 an accessory thumb 3rd Party iPad Accessories : A Review

2.    Bamboo Ecostand for iPad2 : From Macally

Price: $39.99

Description: Are you in need of extra support for your iPad 2? Macally has made a organic, environmental friendly, bamboo ecostand for your new iPad 2, which allows you to place the iPad in both landscape and portrait positions and let’s you view in hands-free position. You can place the tablet at a desired angle. The special magnetic mounting holds the tablet securely and there is a removable hard shell case, for increased protection.

bamboo ecostand for ipad 2 accessory thumb 3rd Party iPad Accessories : A Review

3.    Summit Pouch for iPad 2 : From iSkin

Price : $95.00

Description: If you’re looking for a casual looking pouch for your iPad2, then iSkin has provided you absolutely amazing, chic and trendy summit pouch. It comes in vibrant colours, it’s durable, provides protection from bumps, dirt etc, There’s also a shoulder strap included, and the padded exterior absorbs all the shocks.

iskin summit pouch for ipad 2 accessory thumb 3rd Party iPad Accessories : A Review

4.   Skins for iPad 2: From Pure

Price : Ranges from $14.99 to $ 19.99

Description: You’d definitely want to keep your iPad’s touchscreen clear from scratches, blemishes, dings, scuffs, fingerprints, and smudges. Then, you need a screen protector like the Pure Skin, which comes in 3 different varieties : PureProtect, PureAnti-Reflect, PureReflect.

pure skins for ipad 2 accessories 3rd party thumb 3rd Party iPad Accessories : A Review


The iPad 2 accessories are endless and I’ll review more of them in my coming posts.


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