Cool iPad 2 Accessories from Apple: Review, Prices

The iPad 2 release date was March 11th and for some other countries, the launch date was March 25th. Just like iPad, it’s successor iPad 2 also gained popularity in very few days. Now to find cool ipad accessories, one would make line to the apple store. The best ipad accessories and their price from the apple store are listed below:

smartcover apple ipad accessory thumb Cool iPad 2 Accessories from Apple: Review, Prices

                                         iPad Accessories from Apple


Accessory & Description


1 iPad Smart Cover
(a thin, durable cover that magnetically aligns for a perfect fit.)


2 Apple Digital AV Adapter
(The new Apple Digital AV Adapter mirrors exactly what you see on your iPad so that everyone in the room can enjoy it on your widescreen TV, video projection screen, or other HDMI-compatible display)


3 iPad Camera Connection Kit
(The iPad Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera: using your camera’s USB cable or directly from an SD card.)


4 iPad 2 Dock
(Using this sleek dock stand, you can get access to a port for syncing or charging, and an audio line out port etc)


5 Apple Wireless Keyboard
(The thin Bluetooth capable Apple Wireless Keyboard can be used to type in front of your iPad or on your lap)


6 Apple VGA Adapter
( Share your iPad screen with a bigger audience, by connecting to a TV, monitor, projector, or LCD display that uses a VGA connector)


7 iPad 10W USB Power Adapter
(The 6-foot-long power adapter allows you to charge your iPad directly through an electrical outlet and from a greater distance)


8 Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic
(Enjoy the clear crystal sound of i-tunes on your iPad. Easily adjust volume)


9 Apple Composite AV Cable
(Connect iPad to the composite video & stereo audio inputs on your TV or home theater system)


10 Apple Component AV Cable
(Connect iPad to the component video and stereo audio inputs on your TV or home theater system)


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