Can you really get a free laptop?

We all like a good deal, and a freebie is even better, but is it really possible to blag yourself a laptop for nothing when signing up for a mobile broadband contract from one of the broadband providers in the UK?

Well, there are certainly plenty of laptop deals and offers doing the rounds, as one look at a mobile broadband comparison website will soon reveal. Of course, mobile internet providers have long realised that the lure of free laptops will be enough to encourage may people to sign up, but is it really that straightforward?

Get yourself a deal

It’s certainly true to say that there are plenty of laptop deals that do, in essence, offer you a laptop or netbook for nothing, although the devil is of course in the detail. Laptops themselves may be given to you for now, but it will invariably mean that you’ll have to sign up for a contract.

Now this is where you end up paying for a device in the long run, as free laptop deals will often have contracts that are up to two years in duration. If you do some quick calculations, and factor in the much cheaper prices charged for laptops these days, then this sum total may not make your free laptop appear as gratis as you’d first thought.

On the upside

However, this isn’t really bad news for anyone who needs to get themself a decent new bit of kit, such as a state of the art laptop or netbook computer. After all, you’re not only getting a computer that’ll be bang up to date, if it’s got a reasonable specification then it’ll still be worth using a couple of years down the line and perhaps a lot longer.

Better still; the free laptop with a contract route can be an ideal way of getting a new computer, plus a mobile broadband contract, and conveniently spreading out the cost of the package over a protracted period of time. Not all of us are able to splash the cash like we used to, so spreading out payments in increments within the context of month contract deal can be a great way of killing two birds with one stone.

How to get one?

The first point of call if you’re looking to get yourself a free laptop is to head down the route of the mobile broadband comparison website This gives you the obvious advantage that all of the available deals are in one place. You’ll get a better picture of models that are available and how the deals stack up.

Remember to pick through the terms and conditions carefully, while also looking out for other goodies along the way. For example, it’s now possible to share your mobile broadband signal with family and friends thanks to the MiFi device. This is a little like a router that divvies up a mobile broadband service to up to five other authorised laptop users. The data allowance obviously gets spread out too, but this is an excellent way to let relatives or mates share your new service.

About the author:

Rob Clymo writes on behalf of and, the independent comparison websites for broadband, mobile broadband and mobile phones.

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